Umuganda Sport Club

Who we are

About Us

UMUGANDA Sports Club was founded in 2023 by a group of Rwandan expats looking to build community through athletic engagement.

 We started as friends and have since grown into an inclusive club promoting sports, cultural connections, and well-being among Rwandans residing in the UK.

Run entirely by a team of dedicated volunteers, UMUGANDA Sports Club creates space for people across ages, backgrounds, and ability levels to gather in the spirit of empowerment, health, and pride in our heritage abroad. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or beginner, looking to play some friendly matches or train for athletic feats back home in Rwanda, we welcome you.

Our programming spans football, basketball, volleyball, and running races today. Our members simultaneously pursue fitness, friendship, professional networking, and philanthropic impact – developing bonds over shared interests in sports, culture, career ambitions, and love for Rwanda. We’re building a global Rwandan community through the unifying power of athletic recreation and competition.

Our Mission

The mission driving UMUGANDA Sports Club forward is:

“To empower the UK-based Rwandan community to pursue unity, wellbeing, cultural connection, and development in Rwanda through inclusive sports programming and initiatives.”

We live out this mission by welcoming all into ongoing recreational leagues, fundraising tournaments for Rwandan causes; donation drives sending equipment back home, and social events that celebrate our heritage through traditional games. Building an athletic community enhances lives while shaping Rwanda’s future.

Our Vision

Our vision is for UMUGANDA Sports Club to become the hub connecting The Rwandan diaspora across the UK through our shared passion for sports.

We envision building a base where members feel a sense of belonging, cultural pride, and camaraderie – while staying active and directing efforts toward uplifting Rwanda.

Looking ahead, we strive for our inclusive recreational sports leagues and community fundraising tournaments to spread across the UK as hubs to facilitate professional networking, mentorship, and investment back into Rwanda.

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