Umuganda Sport Club

Our Team

Robert Mitali

Project Manager

As Project Manager, Robert oversees day-to-day operations, strategic planning, and coordinating UMUGANDA Sports Club’s initiatives. He brings 8 years of experience managing community development programs in London. Robert ensures all events, leagues, partnerships, and philanthropic endeavours align with our organisational mission.

Frank Nsenga

Marketing Coordinator

We envision building a base where members feel a sense of belonging, cultural pride, and camaraderie – while staying active and directing efforts toward uplifting Rwanda.

Looking ahead, we strive for our inclusive recreational sports leagues and community fundraising tournaments to spread across the UK as hubs to facilitate professional networking, mentorship, and investment back into Rwanda.

Jean Claude Kayiranga

Community Outreach Coordinator

Jean Claude serves as the heart of UMUGANDA Sports Club, overseeing member experience from onboarding to longtime participation. He coordinates new member orientations, contacts post-events, and manages member relations. Jean Claude ensures everyone feels welcomed and connected.

Idi Said Mutanguha

Health and Wellbeing Coordinator

A certified trainer and youth sports coach, Idi develops programs that enable members to reach their fitness goals while preventing injury. He works to create training plans for various sports that improve members’ performance. Idi educates our community on health topics relevant to diaspora members.

Ammy Nsabimana

Sports Activities Coordinator

Ammy uses his youth football coach and player background to run UMUGANDA Sports Club’s event programming. He coordinates facility rentals, equipment purchases, football refs, runner route planning, and all the details that allow our football tournaments and running groups to happen seamlessly.

Ivan Nyagatare

Branding & Project Consultant

Ivan advises UMUGANDA Sports Club leadership on strategy, branding, and project planning based on 10+ years of advising businesses and nonprofits. We leverage Ivan’s expertise to evaluate expansion ideas marketing, convey our mission through visual identity, and ensure initiatives align with long-term goals.
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