Umuganda Sport Club

Bringing The Rwandan Community Together Through Sports

Welcome to UMUGANDA Sports Club. We’re an organisation on a mission to promote sports, health, and unity among Rwandans living in the UK. We aim to create a supportive, inclusive community that empowers people to connect and contribute to each other and Rwanda, even from afar.


UMUGANDA Sports Club is a place for you regardless of your background or athletic ability.


UMUGANDA Sports Club is a place for you regardless of your background or athletic ability.

We recognise the importance of physical and mental health in individuals' overall well-being. We aim to promote a healthy lifestyle and create opportunities for community members to prioritise their well-being through sports and physical activities.

Community Connections

By engaging in friendly sports competitions and recreation, UMUGANDA facilitates meaningful bonds within Rwanda's vibrant diaspora in the UK. Meet fellow Rwandans who share your passion for sports and wellbeing.

Inclusive Participation

We welcome Rwandan men and women of all ages, skill levels, resources and backgrounds. Pick-up soccer games, running groups, or volleyball leagues provide an inclusive space for people to get active and form friendships. No prior training is needed!

Support for Rwanda

By hosting fundraising sporting tournaments, promoting investment in Rwandan youth athletics initiatives, and organising sporting goods donations, we use the power of sports to uplift people back in our homeland from afar.

As a member, you'll get to participate in recreational leagues year-round, plus gain access to our community social events. Through sports, let's pursue empowerment, connection, cultural pride, and Rwandan development.

We celebrate the rich cultural diversity of Rwanda and believe in respecting and promoting cultural heritage through sports. We recognise sports as a vehicle for preserving and honouring cultural values and traditions.
Indoor facilities for our members
community events per year
community projects


Answers to the most common questions

We’ve collected our answers to the most common questions about translation and interpreting services. In our translation services faq, you will find information about schedules, rates, our process, and more.
We are a community organisation for Rwandans living in the UK to participate in sports, build meaningful connections, and support development initiatives back in Rwanda.
Our membership is open to anyone of Rwandan heritage living in the UK. All ages and skill levels are welcome!
We organise ongoing leagues, tournaments, practices, and casual games across football, volleyball, running, and more. Members vote on activities.
We partner with sports facilities, halls, and parks across the UK.
No problem! Our events encourage beginner participation and are designed to help you learn new sports in a supportive environment.
Absolutely. We rely on volunteers to function, and many helpful non-playing roles support operations.

Reach us by email at or by phone at +447534642671. You can also interact on our Facebook and WhatsApp community pages.

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